Topre/EC Tester

Topre Tester

Working on a simple 4 switch non functional tester.


Wanted to try different Deskey domes/parts and lubing techniques without assembling/disassembling a whole keyboard. Four switches properly simulates typing experience IMO and also Deskey domes come in strips of 4 so no cutting necessary.

Could only find one unit testers from eBay or Etsy that were expensive and most glued together. There was an official looking RealForce tester but couldn’t find any more information then this one photo.

RealForce Tester?

IF it is an official project, confident it would be hard to get and expensive as a collectors item I wouldn’t want to mod.

(Alternatively could have used a 23u but didn’t have or want one for now…)


JLCPCB can make 5 of these for about $2 plus shipping ($7.24 to USA) (plus screws and nuts… and of course Topre/EC parts)


Still a work in progress. GitHub - davek184/TopreTester: Topre/EC switch tester

Current Problems potential for improvements

Worked out well enough for my original intentions. Some thoughts:

  1. The screws on the edge are causing bowing in the middle (likely worse because the bottom PCB 1.2mm instead of the 1.6mm standard. Tried some solder studs which were neat but the wrong size/depth. Even with the correct length ones it would not be ideal. A rubber band worked to eliminate this but killed some of the sleekness of it…
  2. Since there is only one row it is creating a teeter totter point with the Topre/EC housings
  3. Removing housings is very difficult. Possibly skill/experience related
Teeter Todder

(the bottom “PCB” is resting on the gray nub)

Potential Changes

  • Create a 3d printed middle layer. Possibly integrate a hex cutout for a nut?
  • Add 2 additional screws in the middle for the true experience there should be lots of screws :wink:
  • Make the north/south plate cutouts .05 mm taller so it less difficult to remove housings

Thanks for reading! Open to any thoughts/ideas for improvements!


Nice work Dave!


This crossed my mind the other day. Great to see it out in the world. I think I could use this like a nicotine patch when away from my desk. :smiley: