Topre question: what is this space bar clack?

Anyone have a good explanation for this space bar clack? It feels more plastic to plastic than the usual stabilizer rattle. I lubed the all the stabilizers just the same on this, but the space bar sounds so rough:

Do I just need to go back and re-lubricate?

Has anyone experienced similar? I had this on a Fc660c but removing and reseating the space bar seemed to help on that one.

It sounds like the noise comes only from the right side of the stabilizer

UPDATE-- issue fixe with Telfon tape around space bar stem!


Sounds like spring crunch.

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I don’t think it’s dome or spring related because it doesn’t happen with a 1u key in that position. I do hear a bit of spring crunch on the alpahs, but I’m not as concerned with that sound as I am with the loud, almost clicky sound of the space bar

Try removing the 10g spring for the spacebar (which is what Chono also may be referring to). That has cleaned up spacebar noises for me on the HHKB once before.

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I see what you mean. Unfortunately it didn’t effect the sound with or without the space bar spring.

I just swapped out the space bar with one from another board and the noise is pretty much gone. So what issue on the space bar would cause this noise? I tried adding teflon tape to the stabilizer holes on the space bar but that didn’t change anything.

Could it be the stem? I seem to remember a mod to fix stems that have issues on topre. Either stuff the hole on the stem or wrap it. Hmmm…

Hmm, intriguing. Does the problem spacebar make noise on your other HHKB (if you have a second)?

No, it doesn’t do that on my other one. Maybe a tolerance issue

Yea, that’s what it seems like

Okay, I found a solution but I don’t understand it completely.

Wrapped stem with Teflon tape

Sound fixed!

This is a non-silent board so the sound you hear is the switch. Sounds 100% better IRL

I don’t remember where I saw that recommended, but it works. Perhaps there is space between the notch in the stem and the slider nub where it causes the cap to rattle if they are slightly out of tolerance range?

This is interesting, because I think I have some alphas that make this noise on other boards. It would be a bit time consuming, but well worth it if you want to silence additional clacks. The tape stays in place quite well and is extremely easy to take off.

This isn’t adhesive tape. It’s a thin and slick sheet of teflon coated plastic often called plumbers tape that I bought for replacing a shower head about 12 years ago. I think it’s from Home Depot.


@chono wasnt someone talking about putting tape on those two posts in an hhkb also. i mean if plumbers tape solved pixel’s problem, hooray, but dont forget those two posts under the spacebar if the squeak comes back.

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It did somehow fix the issue. I honestly can’t believe how much beter it sounds. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind if I get any more space bar weirdness on this or other HHBKs though.

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Me I used to put tape on my stems, but I don’t do that anymore lol


I’m thorougly happy with the mod for just this particular space bar. Like I said, other space bars on the same board don’t have that clacky sound.

It went from me trying to alter how I typed (with a soft press on the space bar) from me thudding on it as fast as possible and enjoying the deep thock in my heavy grail. Again, blown away by the difference.

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Just curious, is the spacebar warped at all?

No, it’s fairly straight.

Ok, I was curious because some HHKB’s have REALLY warped spacebars and honestly that could cause a weird noise. Obviously not the case here though.

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@pixelpusher Hi, I am currently having the same issue on the left side of my spacebar.
Did you find out the root cause of it?

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The Teflon tape fixed it for me. I guess it’s a loose fitting stem causing the sound.