Topre silencing rings sound & visual combo comparison request

I’d like to hear and see some clips, could anyone provide files they have or links they know of?

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I got tired of waiting this morning after emailing deskeys about it before I went to sleep last night, and I couldn’t find jack shit on like 4/6ths of the rings available through them so I went ahead and ordered the #7 extra rings and the #3 silicone. I wish I could have made a more informed decision so I wouldn’t have to be looked at like I have some sort of allegiance to their brand, but whatever I’ve already bought both and maybe wasted some money and it’s not that much to me anyway but yeah. Could be a more accessible service. Who knows, maybe topre could be made cheaper in the end if a brand of such flagship status for aftermarket options for the product was more perhaps ethical and transparent. This is just grasping at straws and I’m sure I’ll enjoy testing between the two products. The snappiness of my 2009 will have no longer any dissatisfying acoustics, I’m sure! Still, fuck you deskeys!

Oh and please make MX topre-compatible sliders so I can use my hhkb pbt with mx boards

Edit: Or whatever would make the caps work on my mx board idfk I’d buy it