TR60 Groupbuy

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation or involvement with this Groupbuy and I am posting it here only because I think it’s a great kit for a fair price.

There’s a Groupbuy in progress for a 60% with an integrated HHKB or Standard integrated plate. This, in my opinion, is one of the best CxB in a while.

It’s the TR60 kit, and it costed me $167 before shipping for the complete case with plate and a Blueetooth PCB. The PCB works with AAA batteries and the runners claim it will last for 6 months(!).

Here’s a link to the GB in Geekhack:


I know one of the rules is to only post your own stuff, but I wonder if its ok in this section since its “learning”

Only time will tell. Great value GB, though. :+1:

That’s the reason I didn’t post on the Group Buy category. However if this is off limits, I’ll gladly delete this post.

your placement makes sense to me, informing people of a good deal!

Already paid my invoice :slight_smile: looks like a great budget option in terms of price, and excellent value from a product perspective.

I bought the pcb, its the right layout and hot swap

Im most interested in the bluetooth pcb bundled with 3 AAA batterys. If this really gives a super battery life, im all for it.

This is Awesome !!! I just joined… thanks for posting here - I missed this on GH…

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I probably end up join this, but maybe PCB only since I have too many 60% layout keebs incoming already. I wonder if the BT PCB will work with Tokyo60, especially after the acryllic bottom available later…

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As the PayPal dispute date is quickly approaching and the gb runner is silent, I emailed him about the status of the gb. It‘s not done yet, but most of the boards are manufactured already, as can be seen in the images he sent me. I hope that little info helps everyone in the buy to take a decision.