Trading 1 corporate influence for 2 instead?

I’m a little confused how leaving GH for this site benefits the community as a whole? If the whole point is to avoid corporate influence, why would the community flock to a site that 2 of the 3 influential parties be businesses? Especially when one of those companies is clearly trying to become the next Massdrop.

It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.


I’m assuming you haven’t read the welcome to keebtalk post. Welcome to Keebtalk


I assumed it was because input club and massdrop don’t have an exactly smooth, positive history.

I think it’ll be hard to get everyone to move away from geekhack. As long as the moderating team are present in geekhack, significant creators (who are doing good business with massdrop), and a big chunk of the users, it won’t die.

I like that now we have another site to enjoy when talking about keyboards. I don’t buy the PR that was said in the video, though. Ultimately, all this “the community own the site” is purely lip service, unless it can be manifested in some way in legally binding documents. If we follow the same logic in the video, then by right, everyone who uses YouTube, Facebook, and any other community driven platforms should own those platforms.

Ultimately, the main difference between GH and KT are the PR, and the financial situation of the owners.

Hi there,

I understand your wariness, but Input Club is such a great org for the community. They opensource their designs and they sponsor community resources like TopClack.

Massdrop on the other hand, is directly incentivized to turn GeekHack into a funnel for their business.

Keebtalk will be operated by a Board of Trustees comprising of community members and vendors. It cannot be easily sold and they have the community’s best interests at heart. It’s time for a community forum that is owned and operated by the community, not one person.

I’m doing this as me - its separate from my endeavors with IC and Kono. I run the Bay Area meetups with Huey, much in the same way. We are going to invite others to help manage the organization to help maintain community guidance.


Then why represent yourself as those influencing parties?

“Keebtalk represents the will of the mechanical keyboard community to come together and create a shared space, by the community, for the community, and out of corporate hands.”

You can’t honestly say that when 2 of the 3 parties, and the third being sponsored by Zeal, are the main influences.

I’m sorry…tell me again how this is better than sticking with Geekhack?

Full disclosure is important - especially from the beginning. I also am a shareholder in Massdrop and used to run the keyboard community there as well.


ok, so the “community” sets up this site because no single corporate entity (massdrop) should own the “community”. but if that corporate entity makes an IPO or gets acquired, you’re set to profit from it.

i think the team should just drop the “demonizing GH founder and massdrop” PR and just offer this as a better alternative. one that will be more well-maintained, and up-to-date.

your success shouldn’t rely on GH’s failure.