Trouble flashing DZ60

Hi, I’m currently trying to flash my keyboard and I’m unable to get it past the screen below. I have manually installed drivers onto the board but can’t seem to get past this. Any help, please?


Have you been able to put the PCB into bootloader mode? I believe with the DZ60 it’s: hold Esc, plug in your USB cable, then open QMK toolbox. Does it say anything about a bootloader device?

The instructions on their site state that the PCB should already have the VIA hex loaded on it. Did you try VIA yet? If you don’t need extensive layer support, VIA is a really fast way to program the board:

I found this on the product page:

This is the instructions for loading firmware. Start by pressing the reset button on the back. If it shows up as a USB drive and not in VIA or qmk toolbox, follow this:

There’s also instructions at the bottom of that for if your PCB is older and is flashed differently.

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