Trouble flashing QMK - wrong driver, I think

I just built a new board with ATMega32u4, after I programed bootloader to it with AVRDudess, my PC recognizes it as “USB serial device”, and I cannot flash firmware to it.

I think Window Updates may have screwed up the drivers :pensive:
anyone know how to solve this?

I tried reinstall the drivers but that didn’t work.

I’m no QMK pro, but I believe your issue may be that you are not resetting the board before attempting to flash it, there should either be a small SMD button, or GND and RST pins that you can bridge, that will put your PCB into the proper state for flashing, QMK will say device disconnected, and then you click flash before it ‘reconnects’

alright, it’s just me being stupid, :no_mouth:
I programmed the wrong bootloader, after searching around, I use ATMega32u4 file from here and it works fine. (QMK Toolbox is able to recognize my board as ATMega32u4)

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