Trouble swapping out some sliders on my realforce 87u

I attempted to swap out all of the stock sliders on my realforce 87u with JTK to MX sliders from originative. However the left control gave me some issues as the JTK sliders that have didn’t appear to fit in the housing on the left control key. So i was just curious as what I would need to do in order to get that key to be MX compatible.

I also had no problem swapping out the slider for the spacebar but came to a road block with the stabilizers. I wasn’t sure how to remove the stabilizers on the spacebar and didn’t want to damage them in any way but I also am uncertain as to what would be necessary to swap them out for mx compatible stabilizers.

Hi Milo,
Spacebar conversion to MX is a little tricky.
The idea is that you cannot use the stock stabilizers.
Check out the discussions here

Regarding the Ctrl slider, maybe there is problem with the tolerances on that one.
Try another one.