Trying to find the Holy Grail

So what I mean by trying to find the “Holy Grail” is some nice Hi Pro key caps for HHKB. I mean the ones that are stock are nice, but some times you want to make it yours. I guess that’s why they call it Professional it’s not supposed to have an identity rather just blend in …

I know that @KBDfans has something coming down the pipe, but was hoping you guys can let me know where I might be able to purchase new or second hand, without having to buy a new board (looking at you RealForce ) or stalking r/mechmarket

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Are the sliders that let you use MX-stem caps any good?

I’ve never used them, I’ve read up on them and seen mixed reviews, I think they’re a good idea if you want to use MX stem Key Caps, but some people reported wobbling and even caps falling out while using even the best of MC sliders. I’m holding off for KBD but am also actively looking for anyone that is selling a set other than the ones PFU sells. Maybe from a Leopold, or RealForce.

Current options are to do what @clee mentioned and using SA or other hiprofile caps, sourcing 2 Realforce’s, or stalking mechmarket for a resin keyset made by busgamer or blizzard. :frowning:

If you do go with sourcing 2 Realforce’s you will most likely have to buy them in its entirety as the Realforce HiPro’s without their caps are essentially useless and most people will not want to sell just the caps.

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I could have sworn I read a post on r/mk where someone tried SA caps on sliders and concluded they were way too wobbly to actually use, but I’m too lazy to find it now.

Cherry/GMK profile should work! Not sure if it’s hipro-enough, though.

matt3o’s /dev/tty is my favorite spherical key cap profile and I’ve tried them all - SA, DSA, IBM Beamspring, HiPro, Alps, Micro Switch, etc. It’s phenomenal, really. Might be worth a shot.


Yeah, I second that. They took me a little while to get used to but once I did, they’re simply delightful. Plus they get bonus points for PBT.

I concur /dev/tty is a very nice keycap, its concave top and grip is like no other set. Even if work colleagues say my keyboard looks like a toy. Thats probably because I have the triumph modifiers.

Hi, I am fairly new to to the keyboard community overall (Entered early on this year). But very recently, like not even a week ago, my kbdfans mx sliders arrived and, even though I am really liking them, I must state that they indeed get veeery wobbly with SA keycaps. In my case I am using the mx sliders with Maxkeys SA Miami set, and the wobble is real. I am just not that annoyed by it, but I am pretty sure most people on this community would be. I might even after getting used to the feeling start to get annoyed as well. If that happens, I’ll update my opinion on these. I am waiting a few sets to arrive to test these sliders with other profiles I am just hopping this wobble is just, or most, present on the SA keycaps.

I noticed significantly more wobble with a set of Signature Plastics SA-profile keys on my Zealios than any other profile (DSA, XDA, Cherry/GMK). And these are MX-native switches, so there’s no slider mechanism introducing additional wobble!

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That’s always been the concern for me. I would like to keep my HHKB as stock as possible. I have a possibility to get a trade for some HiPro’s so if goes through I’ll be sure to give everyone an update.

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