Trying to track down original MSRP of M65-A

Does anyone happen to have a receipt of their M65-A from Keyclack? I’m trying to inventory and apparently my PayPal doesn’t keep record of that far back. The GH post for the group buy shows it was live on Jan of 2017.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I found it!

Space Gray
Nylon Bottom
1x brass plate
1x aluminum plate (gray)
Total: $280

The real lesson here is that I found out you can download old data from paypal! Just go to activity and run a custom report. You can download it as a PDF or even CVS. Good to know.


Was that the one with the janky PCB?

Yep! I actually haven’t have any issues with mine to date, luckily.

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I remember the price actually seeming pretty reasonable at the time

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Good deal then and good deal now


I’d still like to find an aluminum bottom one day, too!