TTC black switch (lubed) typing test with mic close to keyboard


Damn they are loud AF for lubed linears! :astonished: I know TTC aren’t top tier switches, but I figured they’d run a little quieter than that! How’s the feel on them? I have some TTC orange switches of each variety & they honestly don’t feel bad or are that loud loose. Although we all know comparing switches loose is not nearly as good an indicator as to how they’ll perform compared to testing them installed in a chassis.

They don’t sound super loud to me in person, in this video the mic is about 3 inches from the keyboard. I wanted you to be able to hear all the details. It’s always hard to convey over video how loud a keyboard is IMO.

Here’s another video with the mic farther away, so it might sound more realistic

I took a video at work too:

I do agree though that they are louder than cherry retooled or Revo whites, the other linear switches I have used recently.

As for feel, I think they feel good, to me they feel smoother than the retooled cherry linears I have on hand, actually to me they feel smoother than other linear housings I have besides Zeal housings

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OK I wasn’t real happy with the springs that come in these switches, so I swapped them. Used springs from Gateron yellows. I also added more lube, looking for a more buttery sensation.

New vid:

I’m really digging the way these sound and feel even more now than before

My man, they sound great now!