TTC Golden Blue Switches

Does anyone have a better sound test of TTC Golden Blue switches?

They intrigue me because they are a very, very light clicky switch with bottom out dampening that is also pre-lubed.

I’ve never tried anything like that before; however, the only sound test I can find is pretty annoying. The effect of the lube and the bottom out silencing is that literally the only noise you hear is the very high pitched clink of the click jacket.

Unless someone has a better soundest, I will have to pass on these despite their uniqueness.

I haven’t mounted them in a board yet, but I do have some Gold Blues.

They are plenty smooth and crisp, and they indeed have a clack-free bottom-out. The jacket rattles as much as any other, and there is some spring ping - so I’d want to lube the springs at least. That said, the sound of the jacket is much louder than the ping, and I only see the ping standing out if they’re in a case that tends to resonate for one reason or another.

The sound of the jacket itself resetting is pretty quiet, but the sound of the bump and top-out end up being about as loud as the down-stroke, just without the sharp element of the click.

Edit; this is not a better recording, but might give a little more of a picture:

First just a switch in my hand, then in an empty macro pad case.

I really liked the click from the box Jades and the feeling of TTC Bluish White so I got Golden Blue and boy do I hate that high pitch lame click. They feel great tho…

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