TTC Semi-Silent Hybrid Typing Test

This is TTC Silent stem in TTC black switch non-silent housing.
The interesting thing about these switches is they make a clack sound on the downstroke but the upstroke is silenced. They are kind of a “semi-silenced” hybrid.
Springs are 78g Sprit
Switches are lubed with Tribosys 3204
Keyboard is a dampened K-type.
Stabilizers are modified to reduce upstroke noise.


I like the sound this combo produces, very reminiscent of my acrylic Clueboard with re-tooled MX blacks but a little quieter.

They sound nice. Great job dampening the k-type by the way, from all the typing videos I’ve seen on stock K Types that board is rattly as hell.

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That’s a good point, I’ve never tried a k-type myself but have heard it is one loud board. Pretty amazing @Walkerstop was able to quiet it down to the noise levels of an acrylic board! :open_mouth: