TTC Silent Red (lubed) Typing Test


TTC Silent Red switches
Sprit 72g springs
Chinese PFPE + PTFE grease (housings and stems)
Spray-on dielectric grease (springs)
K-type keyboard and keycaps


Holy cow those “sound” silent :o How are they compared to silent stem in aliaz housing?


I have both, and these sound about as quiet to me as the famous MX Zilents. They are not quite as smooth though, which I mostly attribute to the MX Zilents using the ultra-smooth Zeal or Aliaz housings… But to my fingers they are smooth enough to be a solid option to consider if you can’t stomach the price of MX Zilents!

Keep in mind, with the TTC silent we are talking about are 37 cents each on Taobao, so we aren’t talking a super cheap switch, but compared to the cost of MX Zilents it might make sense for some to use these, since they are quieter than Gateron silents or stock Aliaz!


Great to read!

I do have MX Zilents at home (well, the aliaz housing ones) so I just wanted to know how they compare hehe