Tub lubing works better than bag lubing change my mind



Here’s the result

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Just opened my eyes to a whole new world of lubing switches, thanks mate

What lube, sir?


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I think the most intimidating part of bag or tub lubing is how much we are supposed to be putting in the bag/tub. Any recommendations on how much you used for however many switches you lubed?

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I put a lot of lube in there this time, wanted them buttery, I used about 1ml for 90 stems. However, that’s about $2.50 worth at current price, so I’m not concerned. If you need to conserve lube then paintbrush is the way.

Good news though is there appears to be less left over stuck to the sides vs. when I used a big Ziploc bag.

I weighed the container before and after, to determine how much lube is left stuck to the sides. The difference was 2 grams.


Gotta give you credit @Walkerstop you’re always coming up with some interesting stuff! Never thought to try lubing this way & honestly for a thick lube it does make sense that this is better than a baggie. :metal:

This seems to add significantly more lube then brushing though, are things just overly smooth after this kind of lubing?? I’ve brush lubed once, so I’m out of my depth here.

You don’t have to use this much lube

That’s fair. I’ll have to give this a try. I’m also surprised you saw such a high percentage actually end up on the switch!

Hmm, do I dare try this with Aristotle sliders?

I’m still a novice when it comes to lubing switches. I never thought of bag/tub lubing the entire stems, I only thought people did that when lubing springs.

Do you clean up the part of the stem that goes into the keycap once you’re done lubing? If so, how exactly do you go about doing this?

I know it varies from person to person but do you also lube the switch housings? It seems the stems are all well lubed. Is it still necessary to do ‘double lubing’?

I do just cause I have ocd and like to know everything is evenly coated. I don’t use a lot of lube so it doesn’t end up being too much.

I don’t clean the cross part of the stem. I’ll probably try some ways to do that. So far having lube there hasn’t caused me any problems, just makes the keycaps a little easier to remove

I do lube the housings. I think it alters the sound a little and makes the switch feel more buttery. I have tried not lubing the housing, and that still seemed to work fine as long as the stem and spring both had enough lube on them. I just go ahead and do the housing though usually

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