Two Lucky13 macropads, one with a Kestrel F0 as the controller. These things get so bright with Ice switches

Here are two Lucky13 macropads, another attempt in my continuing quest to make a macropad that has all of the bells and whistles. These ones have:

  • Support for Choc V1, V2, and MX switches
  • Low profile encoder support
  • Per key RGB LEDs
  • A speaker
  • An OLED screen
  • Backlighting support
  • Optional haptics support

I was starting to find once I enabled all of the features, I was running up against memory constraints and was having to pick and choose features. No matter though, because I’ve also been getting my ARM based Kestrel F0 controller up and running. It has 2-4x the memory of a Pro Micro, so it gives a bit more breathing room.

The one on the left has Choc switches, and the one on the right showing off the lights has Outemu Ice switches.


loving the way the diodes are stacked up in the corner!

Haptics? That’s awesome, looking forward to seeing what comes of this.