Two Macro Pads for One Let's Split

I was thinking about getting 1upkeyboards’ Sweet 16 Macro Pad when I saw Vitamin Included, a Let’s Split fork, in the list of keyboards supported by VIA. I had gotten Vitamin Included rev1 from NovelKeys long time ago that was gathering dust since I weaned off ortholinear.

Each side can be used independently so, after flashing VIA firmware onto both PCBs, I now have two macro pads that can be programmed ad-hoc. . I only need one so the leftover macro pad will go to my son.

If you have unused Let’s Split boards supported by VIA, turn them into macro pads, Two for One! :slight_smile:

Those cheap blank PBT XDA keycaps in the photo are handy for macro pads because you can write on them using a Sharpie then rubbed off later with isopropyl alcohol.


Just remembered I got the low-profile Let’s Split from NovelKeys as well. Took just 10 minutes to figure out how to reset then flash VIA firmware on it.

Went from not having any macro pad to having four 24-key macro pads just like that.

What if I told you that your main keyboard is also a macropad?

True except the difference is in easier access and use (macro labels). I’d rather not write on expensive keycaps with Sharpie.