Type Hype - A Personal Blog on Speed Typing

Hi friends!

I just started a casual blog about speed typing: Type Hype

Let me know what you think!

  • choobies

This seems like a good start! I think it would be great if you had ways help people plan goals for accuracy and speed.

Since they go hand in hand, maybe suggestioning like if they can’t hit xx% accuracy, they should aim for xx-y% accuracy until they can hit it reliably.

Also, since accuracy and speed are so closely tied, maybe it would be great to also put a small article on how a site or measurement decides on a “Word per minute” since “is” is a 2 letter word that is much quicker to type than laboratory which is a 10 letter word.

Maybe a post on what you currently type on for each of your records would be nice.

An important post for many older users who discover your blog I think would be about ergonomics while typing. Often many of my older co-workers have to slow down due to joint paints since they don’t regularly stretch.

I hope some of these points can help point you in the way to creating great content for your audience :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that is a lot of good feedback! I’ve written them all down and will get to them in time- part of the challenge (and fun!) of doing a blog about speed typing is establishing good typing fundamentals to reach typists of all skill levels, and also consolidating all these little tidbits of information into organized topical posts.

My About page has my speed range on it (130-160) and my Contact page has a link to my 10FF profile.

Second post is up! Would love to hear thoughts. :slight_smile:

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Post 3 is up! Today, we’re wrapping up the third and final portion of typing fundamentals. Upcoming posts will discuss practical tips, advanced theory, mentality training, keyboard hardware, and more!

Post 4 is up! This post gives a practical tip to help boost speed by more efficiently aligning the mind and the hands.

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Post 5 is up! In this post, I talk about how to position your hands to minimize travel distance for optimal speed. Now with videos!


Post 6 – quick post on what I find to be the most useful typing shortcut. :slight_smile:

Post 7 - answering some Q&A today!

Oo neat little blog!

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Wow, @choobies. You’ve been busy since the last time I looked in on your first post. :slight_smile:

@Quakemz and I were actually talking last night about typing speed and it’s relation to key weight, and I wanted to ask your thoughts. I personally feel I can type faster on 30g Topre domes compared to 45g or 55g. I suspect that there may be a similar effect for switches with shorter travel (or at least, with good technique, shorter actuation distance). Have you ever studied or experienced typing speed differences due to mechanical properties of the switch in use?

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You can’t stretch away arthritis and a lifetime of joint use, lol.

@norbauer: great question! Thanks for that reminder to address switch weights, which I’ve done in my latest post, Post 8.

More thoughts and questions welcome!

Finally started reading your blog, and I find it informative and enjoyable to read :smiley: I’m gonna practice some of your techniques and see if I can at least improve my shameful accuracy :sweat_smile:

Now, I don’t know who came first, But i thought you refereed to typehype.net :smiley:

Haha, a few people have mentioned that site to me. It doesn’t really matter to me, and I haven’t given much thought to it. I came up with the Type Hype name on my own about a week before I started my Wordpress page, and I didn’t tell anyone about it, so… that’s that from my end. For what it’s worth, their intro post was July 11, my first post was July 6th (the first post of this thread). But, as I said, it doesn’t matter to me. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear! Improving accuracy will be a big help to every aspect of typing. Let me know how it goes!

Post 9 is up! Need more questions.

Post 10 is about burst speed training, with custom short texts provided by yours truly.