Typing home row

I’ve been typing with three fingers for many, many years. 10, probably? I’ve always used three fingers, pointer and middle on my left, and middle on my right. I type 110-115 wpm and touch type. Is it worth it to learn home row to get that extra speed boost? I’ve been thinking about it for months now, but never really found the time or reason to do it.

Video: yt/40bN0RKIS_g

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Yup, if only to reduce strain on wrists. QWERTY is already a heavily flawed layout as far as ergonomics are concerned, so knowingly incorporating ulnar deviation into your typing will only contribute to discomfort (and, potentially, health problems) in the long run.

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Think of it less as a speed boost, and more of a potential comfort boost.

You might get faster, but you probably will start to develop better habits for overall finger/hand/joint/wrist comfort.

my fingers are cramping just thinking about typing like that