Typing tests and typing tutors

Post your favorite apps or websites for testing typing speed and accuracy. When you’re bored of that, brag about your wpm on different boards. I’ll start.

Typeracer - typeracer.com

  • Pro: compete with other users in real time, track stats as a registered user
  • Pro: analysis with mistakes and speed by segment (like Strava for typing)
  • Pro: get songs stuck in your head (possibly a con)
  • Pro: discover new authors and passages you haven’t seen before
  • Con: the site has ads that load randomly and jank the page distractingly
  • Con: the overall design is old and meh

My score on my Modern Model F77 was 64 wpm. Clearly I need to practice. I’m gonna blame it on my laggy spacebar (sometimes transposes with the next key) and adjusting to the position of the HHKB-style backspace XD

What are your favorites? Does anyone remember Mavis Beacon, and the 8 and 16-bit “games” where you’d shoot down letters or collect them. Memories…


These days I probably just spend the most time on Monkeytype, though I’ll always appreciate the simplicity of typings.gg.

Before I discovered either of those, though, I spent a good bit of my leisurely typing time on Nitro Type, which is a similar format to Typeracer; live competition and stuff like that. It’s sort of like a car version of the carnival game with race horses and water guns - except instead of water guns, you’ve got a keyboard.

If you’d like something more on the creative side that also happens to include a typing test mode, take a look at Keyboard Simulator - you can design a keyset colorway and then test it out!

Nitro Type:

  • Pro: compete with other users in real time, track stats as a registered user
  • Pro: it’s got cars!
  • Pro: gamified; earn new cars, paint jobs, user flair, etc.
  • Pro: social features like achievements and friends

  • Con: Very “mobile gamey” in that it asks you for money
  • Con: I mean it asks you for money constantly
  • Con: Maybe a bit busy visually speaking


  • Pro: about as simple as it could be
  • Pro: no distractions, no ads, just typing - very “pick up and play”
  • Pro: multiple modes / options for what you type
  • Pro: a nice list of color themes to choose from (not updated in a long time though)

  • Con: no record-keeping / stats / etc.


  • Pro: detailed record keeping and some analysis; it’s got graphs!
  • Pro: lots of options & customization in terms of both function and appearance
  • Pro: lots of options for the typing content
  • Pro: tons of color themes; regularly updated

  • Con: literally my only complaint is that their merch is a bit overpriced

Honorable Mention: Keyboard Simulator:

  • Geared more towards colorway theory-crafting, but will technically respond when you type, animating the on-screen 3D keyboard to match and does include a typing test mode

  • Pro: it’s fancy! 3D graphics and completely customizable colors, and with plenty of layouts built-in
  • Pro: it’s fun to mess around with

  • Con: no record keeping / score tracking / etc. (more of a visual design tool than a typing test site)


I remember Mavis Beacon, Math Blaster, Mario Teaches Typing… and some reading comprehension game involving robots and a mad scientist. I had a pretty decent little collection of edutainment games on my DOS / Windows 95 machine.

If you’re into edutainment nostalgia and somehow aren’t already aware of the YouTube channel LGR, he has a whole series on the subject:


Keymash has some cool ideas with the rank system and the design is close to Monkeytype, but they don’t seem to have enough users.


This is really great. It’s like someone transposed the encyclopedia into a typing test. Just be sure to have your adblocker on.

The best, just so great. Back during a time when you could only buy software off a shelf and during store hours. Good times.

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I mostly use Monkeytype purely because of the customization. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I want the theme to be suited to whichever board I plug in.

Oh, and its UI is also great. I also love the keymap visualizer, it’s a great tool to learn other layouts and aside from that’s a neat addition. Feels much more refined than Typeracer.

Apart from that, when I want to have real fun, I go to https://jklm.fun/ and start a bombparty. It’s incredibly entertaining and actually requires creative thinking instead of just typing fast. Definitely recommend trying it out if you want something other than just typing some words.

Typing Of The Dead!

It’s not the best tool for improvement but the idea of taking an arcade shooter and turning it into a typing game is just so fun. The cutscenes showing the characters hauling around keyboards attached to Dreamcast backpacks are hilarious.


I looked into trying to get this setup as my typing test! It seems like it is available on Steam if you’re a Windows user. :smiley:


How could I forget ToTD?! :man_zombie: :keyboard:

@djmantis There is a version on Steam, Typing of The Dead: Overkill which I think is a sequel - but the original is actually abandonware, and you can get it free for Windows here:


I saw this on kbd.news today: https://keyboardyoga.space and thought to drop it here.

Apparently, it’s more than just a typing test, it focuses on mindfulness and ergonomics and all. Neat, different idea.

Reminds me that I just gave the ergonomics talk to my 9yo, hunched over our Model M and with her neck craned up at the 4K 65" TV, two feet away.


How could I forget the genre of silly and ridiculous?
Some are not really tools or tests or tutors, but toys:

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