UHMWPE Tactile Stems and Naevies Switch by aeboards

Do you think is worth getting some to try them out?

I have been interested in these. One thing that has held me back is that they sell the switches and stems separate. I think the interesting part is the UHMWPE stems; seems like a way to get someone to pay double for the switch they really want.

I believe it ships with stems (a custom PE mix). The UHMWPE stems are an optional alternate.

And, based on tolerance/shrinkage issues with other UHMWPE stems, probably a somewhat necessary approach to have a fully functioning set of switches.

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True. Personally I just think it is average switch without the special stems.

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Ah, I see. I can respect that.

The switch market is just lack of innovative ideas right now. If is not HP like switch then is cherry clear like🤦🏻

I wanna try out the stem mainly. I think I will get the stem, but the cost of shipping is same as the stem. That’s why might as well get the switches

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To be fair, I think tactiles have a few years of catching-up to do on linears insofar as material, spring, and tolerance refinement are concerned; linears have been exploring these things for years and tactiles are only just starting to come in some of the interesting materials that linears have been exploring for a while, and I still have yet to see a tactile come stock with a weird spring.

These things are important imo—housings designed with these materials that have leaves intended for tactile stems—but it’s definitely a catch-up game. Seems a few manufacturers are trying to diversify their tactile offerings in the same way linear offerings have diversified, and I’m here for that even if it’s kind of mundane.

Hopefully somebody will start exploring solutions to the (seemingly unique to or at least exacerbated by tactile switch internals) leaf ping problems we’re starting to see become more noticeable (or perhaps just noticed?) in tactile switches.

As an aside I think it behooves us to improve and expand the language we use to talk about tactility; right now descriptions for tactiles lean heavily on comparisons to other, specific switches, and we’re lacking—or underutilizing, or failing to create consensus and education around—meaningful terminology to describe them in other ways.

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Yea totally agree with you. The only way and the best way to test out a tactile switch is own it and trying it yourself which is not easy and is expensive to do so. I love to see the market have more switches like the U4 which bring more innovation and idea to people. I think a common language some how need to be develop so that it is much easier to talk about them.

While I agree with you, I think the “Clear like” is somewhat of a innovation. HPs kind of caused the pendulum to swing to far in one direction. Having more Clear like switches at least provides a different option.

True having more than HP like is a lot better. I wish to see more switch like NK blueberry but more refine

Got the UHMWPE stem and try it out in the boba housing, it gives a really deep sound. WIth 65g SPRiT slow spring it gives a tactility a bit less than kiwi but more than stock blueish white. I will consider building a board with them.

The navies are nice but the spring weight is a bit lower than my liking. If the weight is 65g will be a whole lot better.

The navies housing with the UHMWPE stem and the stock spring is like smoother browns which is less interesting in my opinion.

Besides, if you put them in the kiwi housing, the smoothness is just like lubed already.