Ultraclearine Switch Review

Hey all,

While I hate to break from Sunday tradition for a second month in a row, I couldn’t wait even one more day to share how I am excited I am about these switches. These are the first, as far as I can tell, truly transparent switches that put every Everglide Water King, Pearlio, and GuGu Ice switch to shame. If you get a free moment on this Friday, check out my new clear favorite in switches being released today: the Ultraclearines.

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As always, hope you all enjoy another long winded review. I would love to be more transparent with you here in the description, but this is simply a switch you have to see to believe! :eyes:

Goat :goat:


This switch looks amazing! Excited to receive some of these myself :wink:

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Push feel and sound that nearly escapes description (even by the Goat) and still has noticeable stem wobble? smh my head.

A full length article is serious commitment to the joke. Well done,Goat! You may want to start paying Ron better for his editing work though. I think he’s about had enough.



Screenshot 2022-04-01 8.54.10 AM


I have those on my collection, a bit too light imo, feels like typing on air.


Username checks out

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There’s a new ‘King’ in town:


Best April fool ever !!!

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I’m not normally a fan of april fools frivolity but goddamn that was amusing

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