Understanding the layout options

I’m going to be building my first board to which I have chosen a 75% layout. I ordered 2U stabs (4) & a 7U stab (1) as I don’t need the bottom right [FN] key & rather preserve the 7U space bar. I’m looking at the layout on KBD fans for the KBD75v1 and it denotes that the larger keys (requiring stabilizers) must be 1.5U.

Am I understanding this correctly? OR is it that the 2U stabs will still be needed for enter, backspace, and shift keys?

Sorry if I sound naive, but it’s because I am! Ha.

Yes, you need 2u stabilizers for Backspace, Enter, and Left Shift. All keys greater or equal to 2u need stabilizers in this case.

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You answered my question perfectly. Thank you