Unicomp "New" Model M speed review

I recently picked up a fullsize Unicomp “New” Model M and will give some early impressions after a few days of use:

  • Typing feel is like their Ultra Classic which is to say fun.
  • The quality on the legends is probably Unicomps best effort to date.
  • The back of the keyboard has marks on it from what I presume is the new tooling which I don’t understand how this happens with new molds. The front of the keyboard is perfect though.
  • If you stayed away from Buckling Springs because of key weighting I think you will be pleased as I feel the weight is much more approachable and lighter than MX Clears.

I don’t know what else to add other than state I am pleased with what I received for the price I paid.


Unicomp’s making new stuff now? Awesome.

People have been giving Unicomp crap because of the delays on the Mini M tenkeyless.

I’ll make a bold prediction that we’ll see the Mini M long before we see a Matias 60% and it will be far more reliable.


Don’t make me remember the loss of my KBParadise board.

That being said… yeah, no freaking way Matias is coming out with one soon. They’re too busy making… RGB Apple-style scissor switches. Yuck.

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Are the springs heavier or lighter than a model F?

I’ll hard agree with you on that one, Matias 60% is straight vaporware. Also almost all reviews of Matias switches I’ve seen have mentioned bad chattering starting up with the switches within a few months of somewaht heavy usage. At this point harvesting some ALPs & doing a 60% build is with them easier & more reliable IME.

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I haven’t typed on a Model F in a very long time. This Unicomp is one of the lightest feeling Model M’s I’ve typed on - and is even lighter than some Unicomps I’ve owned in the past.


Quick update: Keyboard is still great. However I’ve noticed some kind of brief pulsing of the LEDs once every 18-20 seconds. Very weird. I’ll keep an eye on it but if it gets worse I’ll reach out to Unicomp.


How time flys :slightly_frowning_face:

When I was younger it was as if time stood still - now I blink and almost 2 years have gone by.

Anyway, the Unicomp is still holding up just fine as a daily driver. No problems what so ever.

I will be putting in a order for a SSK once they clear the European FCC license and also offer a 86 key option. From my understanding they are so backed up with orders right now they would probably appreciate me waiting.

I have to say the only disappointment I have so far with these new boards is not having a beige color option. I really do miss it.

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