Unikeys August Store Update

Hi everyone, this is Dashan from Unikeys

It has been a long time since I last posted a store update. Since then, we had numerous new switches in stock, and we are the only international vendor for quite a few of them. I am so happy to see that Unikeys is slowly fulfilling our goal to provide the custom mechanical keyboard market with more great options. I have said enough. let’s look at what interesting stuff we have instock now:

  1. HMX Hyacinth V2 Switch: The Hyacinth V2 switch is the successor of the KTT Hyacinth switch. The v2 not only changed manu but also was upgraded in various ways. HMX used upgraded new molds during production for better smoothness, sound, and bottom-out feel.

  2. HMX Macchiato Switch: This is another super popular HMX switch we have. They were initially sold out in days, but we are glad that the restock is finally here.

  3. HMX Macaron Switch: Each Macaron switch comes with two stems: One lubed POK MX stem in the switch and one extra POM dustproof stem. You can choose which one to go with based on your preference.

  4. Sarokeys BSUN BCP Switch: The BSUN BCP switch is not only an attempt to mimic the original BCP switches. They are actually a top-tier linear switch on their own. Sharing some common features of the original BCP, the BSUN BCP further adds some uniqueness.

  5. BSUN Roselle Switch: The Roselle linear switch has a stem made of a special material called Y3. This stem allows them to be smooth and sound deep and clacky. These will be one of the most unique linear switches you have ever tried.

  6. Unikeys Enormous BSUN Collection

  7. We also have some very interesting keycaps in stock now such as the Milkyway Lilith R2, Milkyway Kawaii Voltage, and the Unikeys Wisteria Keycap series: All Keycaps – UniKeys

Besides the switches and keycaps mentioned above, we will also be having a few more BSUN and Keygeek switches coming in September. Please join our Discord server to stay tuned

It is my pleasure to see you guys here! We will strive to bring you guys more exciting stuff in the future, and I look forward to sending another post soon!


Certainly refreshing to see a vendor announcement that isn’t about hardship or failing funds. :joy:

Glad you are doing well. Those are some interesting switches for sure!


Now ain’t this statement the story of 2023 :joy:

Happy to see some new instock switches @Unikeys !
Might be time for me to pick up some new switches for some new builds :eyes: