Unikeys Store Update

[Unikeys Store Update]

Hi everyone, this is Dashan from Unikeys

I haven’t seen you guys here for a while, and we have had some exciting inventory updates since then:

  1. Sarokeys Strawberry Wine Switch: A new batch came in last week and is ready to ship.

  2. Sarokeys Strawberry Milkshake S and OG switches: Both are great budget-friendly linear switches . The OG switch is currently at 0.16 USD/piece, and the Milkshake S is at 0.3 USD/piece.

  3. Vertex V1 Switch: We got a super small batch of them from Vertex and ran a little pre-heat sale in the Discord channel. There are still enough inventories for two buyers. Come check them out if you are interested. We will collaborate with ClickClack.io for the official international sale of these switches. Please stay tuned by either joining ClickClack’s or our Discord channel.

  4. SOTC Switch hand-lubed: Yes, we have some in house hand lubed SOTC switches for sale now

  5. Stabilizer Wire Balancing Tool: It comes with a wire balancing platform that is straight enough to test your wires precisely. You don’t need to rely on your desk or your old iPhone anymore.

  6. Unknown Error Artisan Coiled Cables: Who says high-quality coiled cables have to be expensive?

  7. FLCMMK Plate Mount Stabs: They are known for their straight wires and tight clips. Don’t miss out on them if you prefer plate mount stabs.

We are now affiliated with Clackbait, KBD News, Shopmech, and Dango Keeb. You can use their affiliate link to support their channels and websites:

Clackbait: https://unikeyboards.com?sca_ref=3565800.BKCgU7YWLS (7% discount code: Clackbait)

KBD News: https://unikeyboards.com?sca_ref=3582375.tYRyQQzccP (7% discount code: kbdnews)

Dango Keeb Instagram: https://unikeyboards.com?sca_ref=3583156.aAsqcKz2g2

Shopmech: https://unikeyboards.com?sca_ref=3448614.amdfZ41ULi

There is more to explore in our store, and we will keep bringing you interesting and great new products constantly. Welcome to join our Discord server to stay tuned for updates:

Thank you, everyone!