Upcoming Groupbuys you are looking forward to

Hey guys,

out of interest: What are the Groupbuys you are looking most forward too right now?

While Epbt Origami is already running since May 18th and has reached MOQ I am also looking forward to GMK Moonlight, which I will just not be able to pass up:

GMK Moonlight

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I’m hoping for another groupbuy for Fosen Aquamarine switches someday in the future. I’ve missed the last one ages ago. :frowning: Also hopefully Future Funk R2 because of the deskmat.

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GMK Modern Ink and GMK CBOW

Unless GMK Stormtrooper or GMK Minimal are revived, these may very well be my last GBs for a while. I need to let my GB queue clear out :upside_down_face:

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I was most looking forward to the CRP GB, and that is here and going. Already jumped in.

I am kind of curious about GMK JAGS IC, but I think I am going to cool it on keycaps for a while.

I have been looking for TKL boards in IC, but not sure I want to jump on that either.

Oh! I am also super interested in two potential PCB GBs that will turn my Klippe into a Unicorn style board:


I’m always on a budget when it comes to keyboard and i’d love a hex.3c r2


As for now it is CRP round 4.
Still not decided what I will pick but I’m sure it will be the most expensive keycap GB I will join so far :smiley:

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I’m just looking forward to my existing GBs shipping


Agreed, I feel like I’m so over groups buys, like such a pain I still have stuff from like 2018 and 2019 I’m waiting for


The new Geon Frog TKL looks incredible although I guess it’s not really a GB. Also the Palmetto is in the past but I think that’s going to be super cool


I’m definitely looking forward to Rama Kate keycaps.
Other than that, like many said before I’m just waiting for GBs to ship. Especially gmk mecha 01 or whatever the Evangelion keycaps were called.


Keycaps: GMK Monochrome, hoping for GMK Olivia R3

Keyboards: Frog TKL, F2-8X, Mode 65 and basically anything that Rama and/or Wilba have in the works. not sure how I’m gonna convince myself that I need more than 3 keebs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, what you said exactly. Geon and Rama are what I’m looking out for.

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time to buy more DSS/DCS, 2 month lead times here we come!

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Same. I’ve got this list of the saved emails that I use to keep track of them and it’s grown perilously long.

That said, here’s what I’m looking forward to:

  1. had80 (even though I think it’ll be available for immediate shipping).
  2. Glitch (I’ve already got the switches for it even)
  3. Whimsy (because pink).
  4. Cervello
  5. Oceanographer (because hefty)
  6. doodle45 (for the Alps experience)

After convincing myself to only consider keycaps with centered legends, the list of those is shorter, but too long to bore y’all with.

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