Upcoming: Unlimited Fjell and Klippe T sale

Mekanisk’s Twitter put this out and I am really eyeing the Fjell T.


About pricing:



It is an awesome board, about as good as tray mount gets


Amen! The last 60 board I will be buying, missed out on all the raffles thus far.


Nice. Never heard of Fjell T though. It’s just Klippe T and Fjell going on sale.

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I lean more towards the upcoming Salvation 60%.


Imo the salvation has gimmicks that are still unknown, while the fjell/klippe are a known quantity at this point (and a great one).

In one of the earlier rounds I posted asking @LeandreN why I shouldn’t just get a five degree or tofu (the kbdfans knockoffs of these boards), I think I asked about the fjell specifically, and they said that the biggest thing you are paying for is the sound, as it sounds amazing, but also weight and quality control. I ended up taking the plunge, and let me tell you, the fjell is always up there for my favorite out of the 30ish keyboards in my apartment and I’m out here stanning these boards in these threads lol. Fwiw I have a fjell, klippe, and type X.

These are always a safe pick for a great board


Cool. I get that Fjell/Klippe sounds better than Tofu. Are there noticeable differences in quality of sound and feel among Fjell, Klippe, and Type X, enough to justify the differences in price?


I am looking to upgrade my Klippe to a Fjell. The price is the only really hard part to swallow. I am kind of contemplating the salvation though as well… I just wish the Salvation was offered as just a case, but I get why.

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The coolest thing about the Klippe and Fjell versus the Tofu is that fact that the middle stand-offs are optional. Tofu you have to mod the case if you want them gone.


I cant really justify another board and my bestie is slapping the back of my head each time they find me looking at kits. :unamused:

Would you be willing to do me a favor when you have time? Would you post a pic of your Klippe and Fjell with the fronts touching? I am curious about the front height difference between the two.

My Klippe has the highest front height out of all my boards. It doesn’t bother me too much, but LeandreN said the Fjell is even higher. I am not a wrist rest type of guy and I was just curious about a comparison.

No big if you don’t have the time :smiley: Thanks for your opinion on the Fjell!


If you have a Dremel, removing the middle stand-offs from tray mount is easy. Removing them cleanly without leaving scars behind is, however, difficult.

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I ought to be able to do that tonight. I do use a wrist wrest (big fan of marble keebs ones) and have never noticed

tbh it has been a while since I used the klippe, it is taken apart right now, so maybe I can’t comment so much on the sound on that one, but I do use the type X and fjell often so I can comment more on those two.

some random thoughts:

  • The fjell is definitely more premium feeling than the other two, I think this is mostly due to the fact that it has the giant brass weight in the bottom, but also it is a big chonker, like seriously I think it weighs more than an aluminum tkl I have. I have the fjell in the ultramarine color, and the finishing seems nicer than the other two, I think this is just more a function of the finishing though (I have a silver klippe and black type X)
  • the sound is deeper on the fjell, which I think is to be expected from the heavier case, although my builds are pretty different, I have fjell with tealios and mkultra plate and case foam, and type X with yellow inks, weirdflex pcb, super thin polycarb plate and no foam. The type X sounds pretty hollow, and flexes a lot without that center post. I took the center post out on the fjell, but I don’t think it really mattered because I put so much foam in there
  • the type X is very similar to the noxary T60 (which I also have) fwiw if you have experience with that one. It is the lightest of the three
  • the QC on all three seemed to be very good, they are all immaculate
  • despite not having a weight the klippe weighs quite a bit more than the tofu I have iirc, I think because it just because it is thicker and has more material. Type X is the lightest of the three

Does the high price of the fjell justify itself in quality? I think that’s a question you can only answer for yourself (diminishing returns, etc), but I think that to me it does, I can’t think of a single complaint about that board, I think that for what it is it really is tray mount end game. The klippe is almost as good and gets the job mostly done without the excessive weight and its more plain looks, and is also a solid option. The type X is the definitely the more niche board for when you really just want to commit to the flex.


Is a cutting wheel, sanding drum, or drill bit the best approach to remove the standoffs? Also, is it advisable to remove the spacebar standoff in addition to the center one?

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I wouldn’t call innovative engineering gimmicks, lol, but I get your point that the Mekanisk boards are proven. Then again, there isn’t much to go wrong with tray mounting. Personally after watching Alexotos’ stream, I’m convinced of the mounting concept of the Salvation. Really, when has a Wilba design let you down (not to mention Mekanisk uses Wilba PCB’s).

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I was planning to get a Fjell this round, but I am now leaning more towards the Salvation. I just wish I could get just the case. I could sell the PCB and plate, but I am really only interested in the case I don’t want to have to wait. Decisions, decisions.

I still might flip-flop :man_shrugging: They are both great!

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I dunno some little springy things to attach the pcb to seem kind silly to me, maybe it will feel nice, maybe it won’t :woman_shrugging: imo gasket mounting is a gimmick too, I have a few boards with it and like it’s hardly noticeable at all


I think that they are working as intended:

I know the Thermal got a lot of praise for it’s soft typing experience with a similar leaf spring approach to the plate. At the end of the day, to each their own. For whatever it’s worth, I personally have not bought into the gasket mount craze myself (okay, I do own a U80-A, but not for that reason), but will be buying a Salvation as I think it will be a game changer. I absolutely believe that the Mekanisk boards are a huge improvement in fit and finish to a Tofu or similar tray mount case, but it won’t offer me a new typing experience. All that said, I would absolutely rock a Fjell, but with limited resources and new products hitting the market daily it seems, probably no time soon.

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I used cutting wheel to cut off both the center stand-off as well as spacebar stand-off. Aluminum is kinda soft so it don’t put much pressure. I did with the first case and scarred the case pretty badly. Eeeks. As to what’s best, it’s hard to say since I tried only one approach. :slight_smile:


If I wanted to stay up to date on the status of these, where is the best place to look?

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