Update on G Concept Space Trek

After a long time, finally come up with some updates. This is the 4th version of my prototype, and it really close to my orignal concept now! Here is some pictures of my project, and I hope you will enjoy it.

This is a special paint which originally use on cars. On top of the paint, I put a “Graphene” protection layer on top, which can give a little protection away from little scratch.

The project is not finish yet, I feel there are more I can do to improve the quality! And will update to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading, please do not hesitate to leave me your comment.


Looks neat! If you can squeeze a TrackPoint module in there or maybe a little TrackBall, you’ll have my full attention. :wink:


What a case design and what a finish you have on it! :eyes:



I bet Hyperfuse would look amazing on this…


I second this! more trackpoints in boards pls

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MF68 layout… oh the nostalgia the board that got me into mechs.