[US-AR] [WTB] Kelowna 104 count Switch Testers x4

Hi, I’m looking to buy 4 of the Kelowna 104 count switch testers. I use them to display my collection of switches and Flashquark does not have them in stock anymore and I havent heard if they plan on restocking them or not.

If you don’t end up finding any, you might be able to get a local sign shop to produce them for you. Depending where they fall on the spectrum of mom-and-pop to totally-corporate, they will probably at least offer the laser cutting service and might even be willing to make the cut file based on a sample if they’re slow. If you’ve got a local shop that will do the cuts but requires you to provide a file, I can probably help.

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I think I’ll probably take you up on that offer. Theres a local plastics shop near me and they probably can cut them out.

Cool. Is this the one?

If you can tell me the length and width I think I can figure out the rest. Those feet / legs that it has are also signage components, generally just called “wall standoffs” - most places where you can get acrylic signage also carry those.

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yea thats the right one, Im at work rn but i can message you the measurements when i get home