[US-CA-Bay Area][WTS] Preonic and Sundries

Hi! Updated & streamlined running list of stuff to yield :call_me_hand:t3:

New timestamps coming soon. Prefer shipping CONUS, but open to discussing if you’re outside of CONUS.

Item Notes Price (not including shipping)
Bronze HP Alt w/ Retooled Blacks $150
Acrylic Preonic w/ Silent Alpacas $110
MT3 BOW Ortho Kit $50
MT3 Susuwatari 65% Kit $50
GMK Red Samurai TKL Kit $50
RGB TKL Keycaps Shine-through :coffee:
FC980M Keycaps Blue/Gray :coffee:
RGB TKL Plastic Case :coffee:
FC980M Plastic Case :coffee:

Timestamp & Images:



The other ortho keys are mixed in with my larger MT3 BOW set, so I don’t have a picture of those right now. You can see which keys are included by referencing the key layout above.

Alt + MT3 Susuwatari


I don’t need the nk65 but I want it… If you still have it like at the end of the week ill take it off your hands

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Haha, sounds good. I’ll PM you if I still have it.


Sold: NK65
Added: RGB TKL stock case, Des-Domes Pink (42g)
Subtracted: Alt $

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dang…that gingham. would you sell it without the gmk set?

Hey @olivetree, welcome to Keebtalk! Yea, that could work. PM* me if you decide you want it.

*Just in case you’re unfamiliar with this platform, you can click on my profile pic and select the ‘Message’ button.

whats your price on the preo no switches or caps?

Yo @France1103. Hmm, probably $110, but with switches included (it’s too much of a pain to pop them all out :sweat_smile:). PM me if you’re interested / want to talk it over.


Sold: Gingham
Added: “Sundries” to topic title
Subtracted: Alt, “Gingham, Alt, NK65” from topic title