[US-CA] [H] EPBT Grayscale, EPBT Slate, SA Foundation, Kayak [W] Paypal

EPBT Grayscale $100 + shipping

Maxkey SA Foundation Base Kit
$80 +shipping

KBD HHKB Tofu v1 Hotswap kit, silver top gray bottom (right hand usb port removed from pcb)
$140 + shipping

Kayak layered 65% wood/acrylic Canoe built with tada68 PCB and MX Zilents. Slight misalignment on arrow blocked from problem with early version of the files. Wood feet replaced with cone feet attached with double sided tape.
$100 + shipping built
$75 + shipping desoldered

CONUS and bundles preferred, not FCFS. PST for more information or pictures.


sending a PM

EPBT Slate Sold

Hi, I’m interested in the EPBT Grayscale keycaps. Is it still available?