[us-ca][h] everything sold

Unused XDA oblique set. SOLD
alpha kit, icon mod kit, numpad
$95 shipped CONUS.

Chrome Norbaforce Mark II
I don’t normally sell rejects or seconds, but this prototype turned out too cool/pretty not to get into someone’s hands.

This is a one-off experimental aluminum Norbaforce Mark II with chrome plating. It ended up with some blemishes, as shown below. But it’s sufficiently bling in person that you don’t really notice them readily. Think of this as a poor-man’s Veracity Steel. :roll_eyes:

Matte stainless risers and a complimentary stainless brushed brass PVD plate substitute will be included, as shown.

$350 + shipping SOLD

You’ll also need to order whatever breakout PCB fits your Realforce.


yooooo I’ll take the norbaforce, should I DM you?

you got it. will reply shortly.

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:heart_eyes: I swear I don’t sit here and F5 all day :roll_eyes:


Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. Chrome?! Wow.

Uhhhh, I’ll take whatever is in the background here Mr. Norbauer.


I’d like those XDA Obliques if you still have them.

They’re yours. :slight_smile: Can you PM me your email and shipping address?

I’m very sad I didn’t see this sooner. This thing is amazing

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don’t worry im gonna get some gold keycaps and make it the most bling norbaforce ever

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I seriously can’t wait. Photos please

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It might be some time but I will post pics for sure don’t worry that will be my flexin board