US-CA [H] hhkb sirius, hhkb leaf60 [W] paypal

I’m moving at the end of the year and looking to downsize a bit. Probably have a few more things I’ll list in the next few weeks, but these two are here now(I think I listed one or both on here before at some point). Prices are shipped CONUS, would really really rather not ship international but like I guess I could if there’s not other options. Would much rather sell to someone who’s been on here for a while. I’m local to Bay Area 95126 will def discount for local.

hhkb leaf60
Brass plate, lubed black stabs (don’t remember what tbh, most likely cherry), stock silent inks, hot swap pcb. The brass plate and back weight have a nice patina, but it’s hot swap so if you want you ought to be able buff it to clean up. $400

hhkb sirius
Lubed and filmed creams (probably lubed with 3204, don’t remember tbh), lubed black stabs, again probably cherry but don’t remember, pom plate, filled with foam (under pcb, and between plate and pcb). There was a little tiny bar of plastic over the USB port that I broke off, you can only see if if you look like in the port, see pic below $400
Edit forgot to mention it has the internal weight


Bump + price drop to $375 for either one


Honestly these are great prices :eyes:

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I’ve still got both of em

How much would the Sirius shipping damage my wallet to EU-Romania ? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve never shipped anything to Romania before, let me look into it

GLWS dude, I’d jump on that leaf it it were anything other than hhkb instantly.

Is the hhkb Sirius still available? Sent you a pm