[US-CA][H] Hope [W] NicePBT BoW Order Number

Very very strange request for a fellow keyboard dude on Reddit. He reached out to me thinking I had NicePBT BoW and needs an order number.

Long story short, he was scammed out of a set of NicePBT WoB and bought it secondhand, and due to it having a few keys missing, he couldn’t contact CK about it because he hadn’t bought it directly. He didn’t want to buy another set or take one for free for “moral reasons”, so he’s asking if someone could give him their order number so he could talk to Cannonkeys. Apparently, he’s got everything sorted out with them, so I’m guessing all he needs is a number?

Here’s his Reddit username. Hopefully, someone can help a fellow keyboarder out.

This is a strange request and I would ask if he has sent a mod mail to the Reddit mechmarket moderators.

It should not be necessary to share an unrelated order number for someone to be able to reach Cannonkeys customer service. As for the missing keys, since the sale occurred in aftermarket, he may also have to apply for said missing keys via the same method.

I don’t understand why he is not taking the usual route of resolving a problem and is instead asking for people to share their own order information? /sus

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He said that it was from Offerup from something, therefore not being protected by r/MM rules.

The whole thing sounds really fishy.

I thought so too. On second thought, maybe posting this wasn’t too good of an idea.