[US-CA][H] Leopold FC660M White MX Red [W] PayPal

Timestamp - preferring to ship CONUS for now, but lmk. PayPal G&S

Have had these lovely Leopold MX boards that are not getting any use. Both have been recently tested and are working (keyboardchecker sees all keys firing) and the accessories it comes with are shown next to the board.

  1. FC980M Sky Dolch with Silent Reds - with spare keycaps, keycap puller, and USB-mini cord.
    Used only the plastic housing to mount @Dave 's NT980 pcb, but now with a Heavy-9 on the way I want to move this board along. The original Leopold PCB, plate, and switches has not been modified at all. Has been vacuumed and lightly dusted. $105 shipped
    SOLD on r/mm

  2. FC660M White with MX Reds - I believe this is an older model that is no longer in stock on mk . com. I got it secondhand on mechmarket but with MX Browns (so the original box is marked thus) however I bought another 660M with Cherry Reds and swapped that PCB into this. It comes with additional SS2 blank keycaps, a random numpad set, puller, and small brush. $95 shipped

Looking for:
- stock 30g Topre domes x 50 or more


Dang good price on the 980 + aftermarket PCB.

Lemme clarify! This is entirely Leopold. No NT980 pcb included, unfortunately. Just saying that I only used the housing and didn’t touch the original Leopold PCB whatsoever :slight_smile:

Good clarification, my misunderstanding :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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980M sold on r/mm. 660M still available. TY and happy deals hunting this weekend!