[US-CA][H] Norbauer's New Year garage sale (random Korean things, Norbauer housings)

I’m doing some New Year’s cleaning and found some random parts that I thought folks might be interested in and thought I might offer them up here. I didn’t trouble to remove dust or fingerprints, so the images are somewhat unflattering–apologies. Paypal for payment, or I can send you a direct invoice through my shop.

Local pickup in Redwood City, California is welcome.

Also, I just noticed that I put “2019” in the timestamp name cards, but I obviously meant 2020. Still getting used to that. :sweat_smile:

Hasu FC660C Controller SOLD (shipping included)

Used once for Heavy-6 testing.

Vortex Filco TKL housing black anodized SOLD

It’s somewhat dusty and fingerprinted, but should clean up well. :slight_smile: CONUS shipping $12, PM for international.

Norbaforce Mark I in Royal Wrinkle finish. SOLD
This was my desktop keyboard for a few months but is in very good condition. I’ll include a parts pack with all the necessary hardware to assemble with an 87U. No retail box. The risers are black anodized and have a bit of wear on the underside, but the slight mismatch is barely noticeable from the side (see last photo below). These were the only black risers I had on hand and thought I’d include them for those who prefer to type at an angle.

Conus shipping $14. PM for international

Norbatouch Round Pi in Enigma Gray finish, no riser feet SOLD
Missing riser feet, so this is for users who, like me, prefer to use their keyboards flat. :blush: I’ll include all the other hardware, but there is no retail box.

Conus shipping $14. PM for international

Korean KMAC Pad, Super-ergo clears SOLD
From the good old days of early GeekHack. It has a bit of minor wear, particularly near the bottom-left corner (see photos), much of which is grime that can be wiped away, but is generally in quite good cosmetic condition and works perfectly. It is also programmable using KMAC utilities available on the web (or at least that used to be available back when I set it up).

These are clear switches with 55g Korean springs (super-ergo clear), and I believe they were lubed by the assembler

Conus shipping $8. PM for international

Early Korean Realforce 87U housing SOLD

This is a rare one that was obtained from a custom GB that ran way back in 2013 by a vendor called KBDMOD. Most of them shipped with an engraved Realforce logo, but I got mine custom made to omit the logo on the forehead, so I think it was the only one of that type. There is a little scratch on the front left corner as shown. It could do with a good fingerprint wipe-down, but is otherwise in good condition. I was originally going to get it powder coated to cover the anodizing scratch, but I’ll leave that as an exercise to the buyer. :slight_smile:

Conus shipping $14. PM for international


Crazy bargains! Too bad I’m not into Realforce.

Local pickup in Redwood City, California is welcome.

Ha. Didn’t know you lived nearby. I’m at Redwood Shores.


PM sent

Holy crap. Pming


Thanks, everybody. Everything is gone except the Hasu controller.

I can’t believe I missed another opportunity to get a Norbatouch. At this point I feel if I do get a hold of one something terrible will happen…