[US-CA][H] Paypal [W] Norbaforce MK II Astrophysical Purple

update 10/30/21


  • Norbaforce Mk II Astrophysical Purple, Retro Refrigerator. PURCHASED

Thank you for reading!

I will have to test when I’m home again (I’m out of town until Sunday) but I’m fairly certain that all RF “U series” boards use the same cases (to clarify, I mean the rectangle for the 60% cluster is the same size – the cases definitely show different model numbers on the back).

I should have one that I can give you if an 87u case will work.

Are you in Southern Calif? If so I’d be happy to meet up with you so you can test to make sure the caes works

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dm’ing you!

edit Sun 5/16:

  • sold Maxkeys SA sets on r/mm.
  • acquired Deskeys Pinks, #2, #3 rings
  • added WTB novatouch board, various artisans
  • updated post title

update Fri 5/21:

  • looking for more Deskeys domes and silencing rings
  • WTB list refreshed. looking for topre parts / odds and ends / black RF R1 case

update Sun 5/30:

WTB list edited. added Leopold FC980M boards- OE Parrot (yellow case, blue keycaps); OE Summer (white case, teal keycaps)

6/26 update - still searching for the listed items, especially a Realforce R1 TKL case in black, and a yellow Leopold FC980M.

7/10 update

looking for Deskeys #5 rings (partial packs okay); forgot where to get them in the US for a reasonable shipping fee? purchased

I’m not sure if this store/vendor does international shipping to US-CA, but they do have the yellow Leopold FC980M in stock:

Carousell: https://www.carousell.sg/p/leopold-fc980m-oe-parrot-98-keys-high-end-mechanical-keyboard-269245929/?t-id=3732457_1628261015779&t-referrer_browse_type=search_results&t-referrer_request_id=RqWqp7xDkiOZW3vR&t-referrer_search_query=leopold%20fc980m&t-referrer_sort_by=popular
Shop’s website: https://x-tremesolution.com/collections/leopold-keyboards/products/leopold-fc980m-oe-parrot (more expensive)


September 2021, in the wake of Norbauer announcing no mas Topre for now (or for foreseeable ever, cry)

Pls help me find a Mark II Astrophysical Purple housing, or housing with board bundle (although I don’t need another Realforce). Will consider Mark I housings as well if available.