[US-CA] [H] PayPal [W] Realforce R1 printed keycap sets, red Esc key, FC980M Parrot OE Blue Navy Yellow Case

Looking for a Topre/EC red Escape key purchased

and possibly a Hello Kitty Realforce full size board, keycaps, or the accent kit that was on Superbuy/Taobao if you have a lead on that or can teach me how to TB to the United States.

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updating my WTB: looking for 980c 30g beige/gray Hangul or English, ideally stock and unmodded. hangul if you have one to sell. purchased

Are you looking for used specifically? They have 30g here:

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used preferred. ive eyed their return section for sure and have seen this, but was hoping to be closer to sub-200 if possible.

but while on the topic: are their return stocks in pretty good quality? unmodded/like new p much?

Not sure. I would assume any returned Topre was probably from a user who wanted to try it out and didn’t like the switch :slight_smile:

They shouldn’t accept a return on any keyboard that’s been modded, but that’s just my 2¢.

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Their listings are fair with their conditions (ie Like New, Good etc). They check for the warranty stickers over screw holes. So you can be reasonably assured they weren’t messed with too much.

I believe I purchased 2 used keyboards from them both good quality one was dusty but that was expected.

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that’s good to hear. i can deal with dusting and wiping but not biological leftovers :sweat_smile:

now looking for:

  • spare R1 beige housing for Realforce TKL, ideally in good condition/no broken tabs etc. pls dm if you have a full top and bottom or even just the beige bottom half of the case.
  • Realforce R1 printed keycaps - yellow (XF0100KT4), red (XF0100KT3)
  • red printed Esc key, topre stem
  • Leopold FC980M Parrot OE Blue Navy Yellow Case
  • this shade of pink Topre spacebar? and any blank keys in this color