[US-CA][H] RAMA Stuff - M60A Seq. 1, M6-[AB], Artisans XO Olivia, Oasis, and Kuro Wave Seq 2, and Zambumom Serika, Realforce 104UBS, WASD Code [W] PayPal

I’ve got a load of RAMA stuff I’m trying to sell as a part of cleaning up my apartment this New Year.

Item Description Price Timestamp
SOLD: RAMA M60-A Seq. 1 Color is Moon (Dark Grey) with the hot swap PCB and the starter set, which includes stabilizers, the internal weight, and Kailh Box Royal switches. This is all still sealed and unassembled. My Koyu showed up when my switches of choice did so I am passing this on. $600 TS1, TS2, TS3
RAMA M6-A This was CNC machined in brass and comes in a hand polished mirror finish. It comes in the original packaging, with a carry case, black / red RAMA X/O keycaps, and a USB C cable. I have no idea what switches are currently in this. $200 TS1
RAMA M6-B This one is in Kuro. It is a lot lighter than the M6-A and comes in a box designed explicitly for it. It comes in all of the original packaging with black / white RAMA X/O keycaps and a USB C cable. I have no idea what switches are currently in this. $150 TS1
RAMA Oasis XO Artisans Selling the X and O together as a set. $100 TS1
SOLD: RAMA Olivia XO Artisans 2 x X and O set and a separate (odd) X $100 each set, $50 for X TS1
SOLD: RAMA Wave Seq 2 Artisans - Kuro 5 x Aluminum Kuro (black) colored $50 each TS1

I’ve got some other stuff as well that doesn’t fall under the RAMA heading, so I’ll split it out.

Item Description Price Timestamp
Zambumom Serika Core, Micons, and Geometries I have never opened these and ended up liking RAMA’s Heavy Industries set better. $500 TS1
Realforce 104UBS This is the purple stem silenced version of the Realforce 104 Topre board. I’ve used it just a little bit, but find it too hard to go back to a full sized keyboard after working on a number of other TKL and smaller layouts. Excellent board, I wish I could have gotten a TKL silenced. $275 TS1, TS2, TS3
SOLD: WASD Code Fullsize I bought this and ended up never using it. It has Cherry MX Clear switches. I paid $120 for this board, hope it can find a good home. It’s been sitting in my closet for awhile. $75 TS1, TS2

I’m going to give Keebtalk users first dibs. Tomorrow I’ll probably post this on Reddit if things aren’t moving.


Hey, I’m interested in the M6-A, where in CA are you? I live in San Jose and could do local if you’re in the bay somewhere.

I’m in Redwood City. I’d be happy to meet this weekend. We can do cash too since you’re local if that’s easier.

Hey I’m interested in the Olivia Rama X!

Sure, PM me and we can work it out.

Sorry to get ya going, now that I think about it more I really don’t need it…

No problems. Thanks for looking!

Interested in a pair of Olivia X and O :slight_smile:

Sure, PM and we’ll work it out.

interested in Olivia XO set and Kuro waves. Please PM if still avail.

Sure, I have one more Olivia XO set and 5 x Waves. How many of the waves do you want? Feel free to PM me to work out payment, shipping, etc.

If the RAMA Oasis XO Artisans are still available I’d love to get them.

@jaredewww - I am traveling this week and just moved, but I can take a look when I get back and let you know if I still have them.

Thanks so much, appreciate it! I’m also interested in bundling the black / white RAMA X/O if you have those as well :slight_smile: