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Shark PCB

Minivan Complete $135. USA shipping included, INTL additional.

After a successful launch of the Shark PCB, I ended up with extra stock that I need to get rid of. PCB details are below.

Tired of waiting for the Planck to be in stock? Why not try something new, and readily available?

The Shark PCB features 19mm switch spacing, which means YOU CAN USE THIS WITH PLANCK CASES AND PLATES. Better yet, I will provide the necessary hardware to directly mount the Shark PCB into a Hi/Lo Pro Planck Case. Every order will receive this hardware for no charge.

The “Basic Kit” is a base plate with switch plate that fits together in a sandwich style similar to the EOTW case for the Planck.

Stock is limited for both products, and I will delete post when I run out.


PCB - $45
Basic Kit - $12

Shipping (USPS First Class Mail):

Please specify country in PM.

USA - $5
Canada - $11
Rest of the world - $15

  • 40% Ortholinear Layout.
  • ARM Cortex M4-based STM32F303 processor.
  • QMK firmware compatible (will be shipped with default firmware pre-flashed).
  • USB Type C.
  • RGB Under-glow through intelligent integrated controller WS2812B LEDs.
  • Full-Grid, One 2U or double 2U space-bar layouts supported.
  • Rotary encoder locations at bottom left/right of PCB. Single use only.
  • Push button reset.
  • Over-current and over-voltage input protection through a fuse and schottky diode.
  • Electrical Static Discharge (ESD) protection through a discharge net.
  • Ships with hardware necessary to conform to other cases.