[US-CA] [H] Unbuilt Neuron, HHKB Sirius w/ creams [W] Paypal

Hey guys, got a few keyboards I want to part with, I have too many and have been thinning out the ones that don’t bring me joy as I have figured out/become more particular about what I like. My goal is to end the year with less keyboards than I started the year with (I think around 30 :stuck_out_tongue:) so I’ll probably have some more up on here in the future. Both of these are from the original group buys.

I’m local to the bay area, always happy to meet up and will have some discount for local because I hate shipping stuff lol. I guess bundle discount if you take both too. Prices are shipped, and I’m really just trying to recoup what I put into these, let me know if something seems too high or make an offer. Please don’t just make an account and sign to make me an offer, I would much rather sell to someone already on here for trust reasons (mods lmk if this is not allowed)

Unbuilt Polycarbonate Neuron
I really tried to like the 40% thing, I really did, it just isn’t for me. This is a rad lil chonker, that big brass weight is no joke. I never built it, it’s been sitting on a shelf for a while. It’s in perfect condition, no issues. I was thinking $310 shipped for this one. PENDING SALE

HHKB Sirius
This is a nice board, but I have a lot of nice 60% boards and out of all the 60% layouts I like HHKB the least. TBH I find the delrin this keyboard is made out of to feel janky, it is not a material made to be an end product, this is not the right plastic for a keyboard. Sound on the other hand is really nice, it sounds and feels great to type on. Two things to note: I damaged the case, see pic below, there was a small thin bar that went above the USB connector on the bottom case, I have no idea why it was there, it was just asking to be broken. You cannot see it at all when the case is assembled unless you look in the hole where the USB port is. I also lost the screws that the board came with, I replaced them with machine screws, the ones at the front stick out a lil bit from the case, but with feet it is not an issue. On the note of feet, when I just pulled it out it looks like 1 is missing. I can put new feet on if you like, or if you have some you like I can leave it as is. It is the one with the weight inside. It is build with an AN-C 60% PCB from cannonkeys, I will point out that I don’t remember if it is one of the B stock ones where you can’t use the 6.25U spacebar, but that doesn’t matter for this layout. The cream switches are lubed and filmed, tbh I don’t remember what lube, but they feel nice. The films are green TX flims. It has an MKultra foam between the place and PCB, and a piece of foam I got from Michael’s and cut to put underneath in the PCB. From some quick maths on the parts $425 $400 seems fair on this one.

Great price on the Neuron. You would get $75-$100 more on mechmarket, I hope you don’t have to resort to that. If I could type reliably on a 12u 40% I would pick it pick it up right away (I can get by on a 13u layout, but I always get frustrated with 12u).

I hear you about the Sirius. POM/Delrin is just a slightly superior product to HDPE, which is what common kitchen cutting boards are made out of. I’ve often thought it would make a great base, similar to the nylon base on the M65-A, but I don’t think I’d like an entire keyboard made out of it.

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Yeah, I was listening to top clack more regularly when the sirius went up for preorder and I remember Brian going on about how great it sounded (he wasn’t wrong) but the plastic is just so silly and tbh I’m not a huge fan of the shape. It also has the cool weight, but it’s hidden in the bottom and you can only kinda see it because it’s dark and the bottom is a bit translucent. I have friends who are mechanical engineers and when I told them I had a delrin keyboard they kinda just laughed and asked why anyone would want that when it’s a plastic usually only used for specific purposes. It doesn’t feel very nice to the touch imo.

Neuron is pending to a user on here. No bites on the Sirius, so I’ve dropped the price.