[US-CA][WTB] Miami Dolch Keycaps

Does anyone have a set of the Miami Dolch keycaps for sale from this drop? I’ve been hunting for awhile and would love to score a set.

What are you looking to cover? I’ve got a full TKL set I can let go…

Hah, perfect - an Input Club K-Type :slight_smile: What are you hoping to get for it?

Nice. Trues or Clears? I’ve got some Mod-H in mine at the moment but am gonna try out some 78g zealios soon.

I’d take $100 shipped for it. I’m in CO, so it should be pretty quick. I can provide proof a la r/mk if you like.

Halo Trues, how do you like yours? As far as payment, I trust you, how do you want me to pay?

If found the trues a little heavy. I do some gaming, so it was a bit much when holding down wasd for a while.