[US-CA] [WTS] Big Bag of Switch Stuff [W] $75


Edit: Should say “big box of switch stuff”
Hi All,
I have been indecisive over the past few years and therefore find myself with an enormous amount of switch parts (and full switches) I’m never going to use. I’m filling up a large flat rate box with all the parts and selling to the first person who’s interested. Looking for $75 USD shipped only in the US.

Including (but not limited to):

  • 70+ Aristotle clicky stems
  • 100+ JWK Koala (T1 variant) stems
  • 100ish Zealios V1 and V2 stems
  • 100+ JWK Moyu Housings
  • Lots of NK_ Blueberry stems (and full switches)
  • 80+ JWK Rara Stems (V1)
  • 50+ Cream housings and stems (seperated)
  • V1 Naevy stems

Unfortunately not everything is well labeled and I’m not 100% what some of the stuff is but I think there’s plenty there to justify the price that I’m selling at. Just really looking to clear out space and get these to someone who can use them.


I’m interested. Will send DM…