[US-CA][WTS] Deskeys Topre accessories: Pink domes, leftover #2 and #3 RGB rings

I’ve got some Deskeys items I want to move along to other Keebtalkers, take the bundle for $30 shipped CONUS (likely USPS).

  • 91x Des Pink domes (40g)
    Two of the strips have some flaws which are documented here and here; extra top down view. I’d purchased these domes secondhand and quite frankly, I hadn’t noticed these until after removing them from my Realforce, so I don’t think it affected performance/key feel. I did not notice any further glaring flaws on the other domes. Some of the strips have already been cut to fit a Realforce 91U.

  • 33x #3 RGB rings

  • 54x #2 rings (blue bag)

  • 50x #2 rings (brown bag)
    Most of these rings had just been used in the Realforce 91U. I did my best to count and sort them back into their storage packets.

Active here as well as r/mm by the same handle. PayPal G&S only. Thanks for reading!

SOLD 9/10/2021