[US-CA] [WTS] Leopold FC980M PD - nearly new

Looking to sell my Leopold FC980M PD. Just won’t get much use out of the number pad and I’d rather it go to a good home than sit in my drawer.


Asking for $200.00 OBO

It works perfectly and there is nothing wrong with it cosmetically besides a very (I mean very) small mark near the number pad. Several keyboard enthusiasts told me that all Leopold FC980M PDs have that mark, but I cannot 100% conifrm that.

I prefer paypal or local pick-up for cash for our transaction! Thanks for taking a look.

Price is negotiable !

What cherry switches are in it? Can’t seem to see it mentioned anywhere

These have the original cherry mx switches :smiley:

I think he was asking if they are reds, browns, blues etc

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They are Cherry MX Red! I found out because that’s the only option on the website I bought at

You can pull of a keycap to easily check. It would probably be good to, I know I would probably be annoyed if I bought it thinking it was reds and it was actually blues or browns or something.