[US-CO] [H] PayPal [W] Single Row 5 MT3 keys from Serika and Susuwatari Ergo Kits

Hi there,

I am an Ortho users and have boards built with MT3 Serika and MT3 Susuwatari.

I looooove MT3, but not digging the Row 4 space bar at all. I am looking for people who bought the Ergo kits and would be willing to sell 1 or 3 of their Row 5 keys. I am really looking for the 2u spacebar, but would also love 2 x 1u’s to use as raise and lower.

Main want: Any color 2u Row 5 spacebar (red or grey from Susu, black, yellow or cream from Serika)
Second want: 2 matching 1u row 5 keys (example, LZ and RZ from Serika)

Offering $20 for the 2u alone ($13 plus $7 to cover shipping) or $32 for the 3 key bundle ($25 for the keys, $7 to cover shipping). So if you have both kits, I will pay you $64 for 6 keys :slight_smile:

Thanks, MT3 represent!