[US-CT] [H] Hope and some paypal [W] Specific IBM Model M

Hi there,

I’m on the hunt for an IBM Model M… but there is a catch… I am looking for one that was made on September 2nd (year doesn’t matter, but the earlier the better). I bet you guys can guess why but I would love to have one with that date on the back. I don’t have too much to spend so I’m not looking for anything super expensive (sub $100?) but I would love to get my hands on that board. It doesn’t matter if its in really bad shape or pretty good shape, I am just looking to finally have a model M and especially one on that special day. Thanks for checking this out!


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That’s gonna be a tough find, I definitely wish you luck on your search man! I checked my Model M, but it was made on April 27th, 1990.