[US-CT] [H] Paypal [W] GMK Kaiju Barrier Spacebar Kit


I recently picked up a Kaiju base kit but am in search of the spacebar kit for my HHKB now that Deskeys Sliders are a thing. Unfortunately Drop didn’t have any extras for that kit though. Happy to evaluate different offers if anyone is looking to let theirs go. Thanks!

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I’ve been looking for the same reason, but it’s been hard to track down. Hope you find it!

But, I did find out that since Kaiju alphas are L9, you can also use GMK Froyo, 9009, etc., for the 6U.

Also, the stock light-colored HHKB stock spacebar is pretty close, I believe.

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ah that’s good to know! gives me at least a couple other avenues to go down in search for something compatible :pray:

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