[US-FL] [H] Grab Bag Keycaps (SA and DSA) [W] Trades, PayPal


I have a lot of Grab Bag keycaps. DSA from both KPrepublic and PMK. SA from PMK.

The SA caps include Troubled Minds, Nuclear Data, Godspeed, Grand Budapest, Toxic, Carbon, 1976 and a few others.

I have also singled out sets of blanks for a 40% Ortholinear board (Planck, Contra, etc.) I’d like to keep them together as sets and am charging $30 shipped for them. Two are all R3, one is sculpted, so R1 to R4. If you want the dished caps for a homing cap, I can throw those into the R3 sets for $2 more.

For individual keys, I’m thinking about .50 for 1u up to but not including 2u blanks, .75 for 2u and up blanks. For caps with legends, 1u up to but not including 2u .75 and 1.00 for 2u and up. I am willing to take offers and make package deals to pull down that price.

For trades I’m looking for:

  • Carbon to fill the G80-1800 that is in the album. I am willing to trade orange alphas for white, except for the F and J.

  • Nuclear Data to fill my contra in the album. I would like to have the legends for , . / ’ ; keys if possible. If you have 1u shift, alt, tab, ctrl, etc. Interested in that as well.

  • A GH60 case. No plate needed, but I need a case for a GH60.

  • An MF68 TMK PCB to re-do my MF68.

Any trades you want me to contemplate, I’m willing to entertain. (switches, cases, PCBs)